hi im izzy/nebula/cybil im spacekin and i like girls

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why did she scare us lkke tha t

im scared to talk to her beausewhat if she just cuts us off again




des got an anon ask about someone who didnt want to live anymore adn kat sent me thi s at four 


if anyone knows what happend to kat/pringlebit please please hel p out

also she deactivated her tumblr adn shes not on skype so i dont know how to contact he r

she sent me skype messages too please help i dontk nwo how to talk to her i dont know anything i only have her skype and her tumblr is deactivated 

this is no longer relevant

so does she just not want to talk to us anymor e?????? because shes fine



even star queens wear sweaters sometimes ♥